Homecoming Build 2015

When: Monday, October 5 - Friday, October 16
Where: Parking Lot next to Sheep Barn (across from Hendrix Student Center)
Contact: Emily McMacken and Sadler Gensch (habitathomecoming@gmail.com)



Homecoming Shirt

Shirts will be sold for $10 at the house. We accept cash, credit, debit, and check!


Watch the Build's Progress

Follow the link to watch our students build the 2015 Homecoming House!



Sign-Up to Work on The Build

IMPORTANT: You MUST have a valid Clemson STUDENT username and password in order to log in to the Homecoming Build Sign-up page.

If you are experiencing authentication problems when logging into the Sign-up page, please try the following BEFORE contacting Habitat for assistance.

  1. Try logging into another Clemson website (ie. Blackboard, SISWeb, etc) with the same username and password.
  2. Check the CCIT Website to see if there are any problems with authentication services.
  3. If you cannot log into any other system, contact CCIT at 864-656-3494 to troubleshoot your password problems.
  4. If you can log in to another Clemson website, then send an email to habitathomecoming@gmail.com to report a problem with the sign-up page and we will try to assist you as soon as possible!




We need night guards for the house! If you are part of an organization or just have a group of friends that is interested in guarding the Habitat House, then contact Emily McMacken and Sadler Gensch at habitathomecoming@gmail.com! A list of the responsibilities for night guards can be found in the Night Guard Covenant.

Please review the available slots below and send your TOP 3 choices for guarding the house. (We ask for 3 choices in case we receive several requests at once and the website is not updated fast enough).


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