How will Clemson University remember you?

Why should you apply to be an Ambassador? 

Clemson University Orientation has a long history and lineage of student leaders who have dedicated their time and energy into providing an excellent transitional environment for new students.  Read some comments below from our past Ambassador staff about their summer experience:


"Spending the past two summers as an OA and Team Leader has truly transformed my Clemson experience and shaped me into the person I am today.  Two years ago, I went into the position excited about leading icebreakers and getting freshman pumped about Clemson, but I never imagined that Orientation would have such a lasting impact on my life.  Yes, I jumped up and down in the Brooks Center lobby, trying to make my small groups be the loudest and the most excited, and yes, I made a fool of myself dancing on stage in the skit and then again at the social, but being an OA was so much more than that.  It was about striving to make a difference each day, often never seeing the immediate impact or results.  Looking back, I realize that my perspective was greatly broadened as I learned to connect with different personalities of the Clemson family, and for that I am so grateful.  All of the OAs inspired me to become more involved on campus, and so many doors opened for me after orientation.  Today, some of my best friends are fellow ambassadors, and I cannot imagine my Clemson experience without them."- Katherine Poston, 2012 Orientation Ambassador, 2013 Orientation Team Leader


"Being an Clemson Orientation Ambassador was one of the most maturing experiences I've ever had.  It was more than a job:  it was an amazing opportunity to grow.  I met people from different beliefs, backgrounds, and places, and I made connections with thousands of people.  Not only did I get to assist these new students in their transition to Clemson, but I learned so much from them.  I became more aware about who I am as a person, what I am looking for in the future, and what I want to be known for by others.  I'm proud to be known as an Orientation Ambassador, and I will never forget the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned."- Ty Chin, 2013 Orientation Ambassador

"Being an Orientation Ambassador was honestly the best experience of my entire life. Getting to interact with incoming students, parents, and faculty at Clemson was truly such a rewarding experience. I have always loved Clemson, but being an Orientation Ambassador made my love for Clemson grow so much. It was so great to get to share that love and passion I have to be a Clemson Tiger with incoming students. Throughout the summer I built so many relationships that will definitely last a lifetime. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to be an Ambassador and so honored to have been able to represent such a wonderful school and to welcome new students into the Clemson family. I can honestly say that being an Orientation Ambassador quickly made the summer of 2013 the best summer of my life. I will never forget all the memories that were made during this experience."- Emma Humanchuk, 2013 Orientation Ambassador

" Being an orientation ambassador is a once in a life time opportunity. You learn so much about interacting with different kinds of people, you make life long connections with the fellow orientation staff, and you form relationships with Clemson University faculty. Yet, the greatest thing I gained through the orientation experience was a passion for Clemson. I have been a Clemson fan my whole life but through this experience I have felt a sense of belonging to the Clemson community. All summer you spend time with fellow students that have an incredible amount of passion for Clemson. Showing up everyday and talking to students and parents I couldn't help but be so proud of my school."- Sarah Katherine Gilliam, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"Becoming an Orientation Ambassador was one of the best experiences I've ever had at Clemson. It is a fantastic opportunity to further develop your leadership skills, make a positive difference in the Clemson community, and to meet one of the best groups of people you will ever work with in your life! I was nearly unable to accept this job when it was offered, and accepting it has truly been the best decision I've made at Clemson."- Tanner Hamilton, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an Orientation Ambassador for the summer of 2012 was by far the most fun and rewarding experience I have had thus far at Clemson. I was able to meet a terrific group of people who shared the same passion for Clemson as I do. Working as an Orientation Ambassador taught me leadership skills and professionalism that I will be able to use towards the rest of my college career as well as after I graduate. Interacting with the students, parents, and guests at orientation made me so proud to be a Clemson student. They were all so appreciative of the Ambassadors answering questions and assuring them that Clemson is the right choice for college. I enjoyed every minute of the summer; passing on Clemson pride and traditions to the next generation of students, and making them a part of the Clemson family."- April Poucher, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an Orientation Ambassador for Clemson University is truly a life changing experience that you CAN'T find anywhere else on campus. You are able to guide 10,000 participants through this amazing Clemson Orientation process and see the efforts of your actions pay off immediately. Whether it's a look of assurance coming from a parent leaving orientation knowing their student made the right choice by choosing Clemson, or a smile from a student as they finally piece together a schedule at registration that moments before you arrived they thought would be impossible. Being an Orientation Ambassador for Clemson University was the best experience I have ever had and I will never forget it."- Hunter Bagnal, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"I can't think of a better way to spend a summer than as an Orientation Ambassador at Clemson. Sharing my love for Clemson and helping the incoming students transition to college life was so rewarding. The experience made me appreciate even more how lucky I am to be a student here. The bonds and memories I've made with other Ambassadors will last a lifetime. I will always look back on this summer as one of the best. I can't say enough great things so APPLY! I promise you won't regret it!"- Hilary McGrath, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"While our goal as ambassadors was to change lives and make the transition easier for new students, my life was definitely changed through the interactions with the other ambassadors, the staff and faculty of Clemson, and the incoming students and their families. Getting to bond with other students from various backgrounds to share our love for Clemson was so much fun, and made the summer even better as we passed our passion onto the incoming students. I always said "I love people and I love questions," and this was the greatest experience to fulfill those two loves. There's no better opportunity to grow and help others grow; to gain even more Clemson knowledge to relay it to others; and to have an unreal summer experience. It was by far the best summer of my life, and I would recommend it to anyone who knows Clemson is their home and who wants to make it the home for new students."- Sam Goodman, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


"This past summer was one of the most gratifying experiences that I've had, and has helped me learn a lot about myself. Although sometimes you may feel challenged, the reward you reap from the experience is truly one of a kind. You make connections with every aspect of the Clemson campus and learn more about the university as well. The information I've gained by being an ambassador has been truly helpful. You learn about everything from academics, to housing, to dining, and campus life. It was such an honor being one of the first welcoming facing for this university and I loved every second of it. I've made life-long friendships, and have become a better leader through becoming an ambassador, and strongly encourage anyone who is interested to apply!"- Lindsey Bronzino, 2012 Orientation Ambassador 


"Being an Orientation Ambassador is a great way to share your Clemson experience with incoming students and their parents/guests. One of the most rewarding feelings is meeting a confused or stressed out incoming student and helping them by answering questions and dealing with concerns. The Ambassador team is a group of diverse individuals with a lot of different experiences, but everyone shares a deep passion for Clemson and you make great friendships with many others you may not have otherwise met. Being an Ambassador opens your eyes to the inner workings of Clemson and truly helps you grow as both an individual and a leader."- Jordan Allan, 2012 Orientation Ambassador


'Being able to learn all the traditions, academics, and ways to get involved with at Clemson has opened my eyes to why Clemson is such an outstanding institution. It was such a rewarding job being able to help students and parents feel prepared for next year. I also had the opportunity to make so many connections with advisors and people at Clemson who can help me through college.The ambassador team was made up of the most amazing people who taught me about being a better leader and friend. We have created friendships that will last much longer than than the summer. Orientation opens so many doors for the future and was a summer I will never forget.'- Katie Inclan, 2011 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an orientation ambassador was the "summer job" of a lifetime! I was honored to be part of the wonderful team that was put together. The memories of this experience will stay with me forever. It is a wonderful time to make lifelong friends, make connections with faculty/staff on campus, and have the chance to welcome incoming students as they start this new chapter in their lives. Through this summer I have developed organizational, communication, and leadership skills that will aid me in the future. I am proud to be a orientation ambassador and would recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to have the ultimate Clemson experience!"- Megan Williams, 2011 Orientation Ambassador


"Clemson has so many opportunities to get involved and make an impact on campus, but none that I've experienced are as fulfilling as becoming an Orientation Ambassador. My summer as an ambassador was truly the best summer of my life. I got to work with a spectacular group of people who became my best friends and taught me how to be myself. I met many faculty members who expanded my connections and opened other doors for me at Clemson.  The most important thing I am taking away from this experience is to never turn away from a chance to help someone in need. You never know when a simple act of kindness could brighten someone's day. The incoming students will remember their Orientation Ambassador , and I love knowing that I made a small difference in at least one student's transition to college."- Kayley Seawright, 2011 Orientation Ambassador, 2012 Orientation Ambassador Team Leader


"Being a Clemson Orientation Ambassador was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Although I was working long hours, it never felt like a job to me. I looked at it as a chance to meet new people, get closer to Clemson's faculty and staff while helping others start a new chapter in their lives. I felt so honored to be chosen as one of the 2011 Ambassadors. It was such a great feeling to make incoming freshmen, transfers, and their parents/guests feel welcome and apart of the Clemson family. I will never forget this experience."- Kaela Gardner, 2011 Orientation Ambassador, 2012 Orientation Ambassador Team Leader


"Being an orientation ambassador was a great way to spend the summer. It's an excellent way to get to know a bunch of Clemson's faculty and staff (and to view, firsthand, all the work they put in to make certain things possible), and to give back to the university that gives so much to us. It's also a great way to become more involved and better networked within Clemson and with incoming freshmen and their families."- Rowland Burns, 2009 Orientation Ambassador


"Since becoming a Clemson student, I've fallen in love with this beautiful University. My summer spent as an Ambassador for Clemson only multiplied this immense pride I have for my school. I really got to know a lot of the administrators, faculty, staff, and students and couldn't have loved what I saw more. In addition to these experiences, I am now very confident in my leadership and communication skills."- Lauren Ficklen, 2010 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an orientation ambassador is more than a summer experience, it is life changing! Without a doubt I grew in one summer in more ways than you can imagine. With this my whole life changed as a Clemson student, because I was instanly put into a leadership and role model postion. This experience plat formed my ability to cultivate as a student on Clemson's campus and grow in my leadership philosophy. Without orientation ambassadors I would not be where I am today, standing as a diverse and educated senior for Clemson University."- Meredith Brazeal, 2009 Team Leader


"To be an Orientation Ambassador is to experience Clemson University in a way that most students only hope to and to see Clemson University in a way that most students never will.  It is one thing to be a student here for four years, passing in and out of doors of academic buildings and attending footballs games on weekends; it is another thing to perpetuate the legacy of those who passed through these doors before us by ushering in those who will be here when we are gone. Being on a team of orientation ambassadors gave me memories I will never forget, friends who I never expected to have, and experience that will serve me for the rest of my life.  It is so much more that a summer job!"- Aliza Darnell, 2010 Orientation Ambassador


"I originally applied to be an orientation ambassador because I couldn't imagine leaving Clemson and being stuck at home all summer, so I wanted to find a way to stay here. Little did I know, I was about to meet some of the most influential staff members at Clemson, become a celebrity of sorts to the freshman class, and become best friends with people I would have never met otherwise. Orientation quickly went from a job to a lifestyle, and whenever anyone asks me to describe it, all I can say is "best summer of my life". Whether it was meeting new people every second of every day, watching all the awkwardness and successes of the incoming class, or putting up easels with the people that became my family in under 2 weeks, orientation was the time of my life. Many people have recognized me around campus since orientation, and it has forced me to really lead by example. Being looked up to by so many of the students that went through orientation has really taught me how to act as a role model, and left me with such an open mind. I have learned so much from the experience, and overall I feel a HUGE sense of pride for Clemson, our students and faculty, and that special something in the hills that has made Clemson home to all of us."- Tricia Kennelly, 2010 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an Orienation Ambassador gave me the chance to welcome new Clemson students into our family while strengthening relationships with existing students and faculty members. Although there were countless positive things that came out of my experience as an OA, one of my favorites was definitely the bonds that I created with the other ambassadors. We formed a tight-knit family group that served as an example to all of the incoming students to show them what the Clemson family is all about."- Laura Gubelman, 2009 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an ambassador was not only one of the single most fulfilling activities I've ever participated in, but was THE activity that made my Clemson experience! I was honored and thrilled to represent Clemson as an ambassador and to be able to help the thousands of new students as they come and start their own Clemson experience!"- Jonathan Brazeal, 2010 Orientation Ambassador, 2011 Orientation Ambassador Team Leader


"Being a Clemson Orientation Ambassador has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences of my life. While the job may have been tedious and exhausting at times, I can't describe how awesome it was to share my love for Clemson University to incoming students and their families. Not only did I get the unique opportunity to help shape each incoming students' experience at Clemson University, but I also made some friendships that will last a lifetime. The people that I worked with that summer are now some of my closest friends. The summer that I was an Orientation Ambassador has been my best summer of college." - Amanda Whaley, 2009 Orientation Ambassador


"Being an Orientation Ambassador is definitely more than a job, it is an EXPERIENCE!. Everything started since my freshmen orientation, when I saw these amazing group of people on stage, it looked like a lot of fun! I did not want to go home because I love being at Clemson and when I had the chance to apply for the position I did not know I was applying to meet the most influential staff, professors and teammates!  Coming from Peru and being part of such a great team that became my family during the summer is something I would not change for nothing in this world. Being recognized on campus and seeing the students I met during Orientation make my day! It is definitely a rewarding experience that has lead me to what I am now and open the doors to hold more leadership positions! It has made me realize what a great career I could have under Student Affairs!"- Jackeline Galvez, 2010 Orientation Ambassador


"Arduous? Not at all. Full of learning? That and more. Connections? Your network is your net-worth. Being an orientation ambassador was one of the greatest experiences of all my college summers. Although we had fun and had our tiresome moments, it was an acquaintance beyond great measures of knowledge, growth, and skills. It was such an experience for me that I had to successfully complete the challenge of being a team leader. I have obtained appreciation for Clemson University and the great marvels we have here. I got the chance to build leadership skills, work with diverse learners, present the university to new students, and many more. The best thing I got from the experience was a sense of love, empathy, and a set of connections from my colleagues/co-workers. There is nothing like having great people around you to assist your growth. Part of my personal vision is to produce a crop of unprecedented success like MISTERs. I am encouraging anyone to take advantage of the honorable chance of being an ambassador. Not just an ambassador but a Clemson University Orientation Ambassador."- MISTER LeManuel Chandler, 2009 Orientation Ambassador, 2010 Orientation Ambassador Team Leader

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